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It's all in the small details; very small...

ACOUSTIC SCIENCE PREMIUM TREATED GUITAR STRINGS have a nano-thin molecular layer applied to the guitar strings. They are treated guitar strings, not coated guitar strings. This layer offers protection from the elements in the playing environment. This treatment also keeps away the attached material (skin, debris, foreign material) that makes regular strings go dead after playing for a bit. In the case of "coated strings" the coating itself can cause damped sound and loss of vibration. The treatment we use to apply our unique surface treatment can best be described as "spray painting with atoms" Funny... but true. The good part, and especially why many artists have mentioned "It is like Acoustic Science guitar strings glow" when playing, is due to a really neat thing that also results from our surface treatment process. When wound guitar strings are strummed to create sound, the windings and the rest of the guitar strings are in harmonic vibration. Any part of the guitar string that is in contact with an adjacent surface (like the windings, for instance) are rubbing, in frictional contact. In a standard guitar string it is metal against metal. That is why regular guitar strings take some time to break in, and also why repeat tuning is needed, until the rubbing friction breaks in a bit, and the "sweet spot" is reached.

Acoustic Science String CutawayApproximate magnification 10 Million X

What happens with Acoustic Science Guitar Strings, is different from all other strings. The surface treatment has also treated down inside the surfaces in contact, i.e between the windings, on a microscopic scale, with molecules of a plastic-like substance. The guitar string is pre-conditioned, with less rubbing friction to slow down the playing action, even right out of the pack. Also, the surface treatment is microscopic, which means it does its job to improve surface properties, BUT, it does not dull the sound, by damping or reducing the volume and brilliance. Acoustic Science Guitar Strings sound great, right away, and keep sounding that way for a long, long time. Compared to standard guitar strings, or coated guitar strings. End of story.


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