Timur Vedernikov endorses Acoustic Science Strings

"Hi Friends! I am Timur Vedernikov and today I’d like to tell you about new strings and to one little experiment, these strings are called ACOUSTIC SCIENCE!"

"No feel if your strings are coated with some plastic."

"Very interesting package, it looks very cool. The strings are in a vacuum."

"As I promised, after yesterday's concert, I'm with you again. So, yesterday I played pretty tough gig. Played the guitar much and want to say that firstly, the strings sounded great in concert and after the concert here this morning, I was aware of them no cleared and left them after the gig as it is - put the guitar in the case. What we have? They sound like a totally new strings… And it is - very cool!"

"Here, the strings are covered on some complex molecular level with the coating."

"Yesterday they were pulled before the concert. Then they had won back the whole concert. And now they sound like new."

"I've had a chance to try out the Acoustic PHB Strings on my own guitar and a few of the repairs for my customer's guitars. My customers and I are loving them!"

Patrick Podpadec/Luthier - Liam Guitars

"I've been using Acoustic Science strings for about a month, now. I can honestly say that their tone, resiliency, and intonation are second to none. I can play very hard at times, digging into the strings for solos, and remain amazed at the fact that I still haven't broken one yet. They seem to last forever."

Alan Greene

"My son is a very accomplished guitar player and thinks the strings are just great!, we  can put the acoustic science logo on his website as a favorite product..."

"I've just tried the electric strings on a cool 1982 strat we have in store and I am positively impressed. They do feel like real strings as opposed to that awkward feeling you get with other coated strings, they sound great and the playing action is solid."

"Acoustic Science strings are simply the best strings available for any amount of money. They keep their tone and their tune for a long time. I'm a heavy bender and I have yet to break one."

Chad Ely

"These are clearly a cut above with both feel and sound"

"Don’t think I’ve ever played an acoustic string that sounded so good!"

"Crisp, fresh sound and a really wonderful feel."

Random Artists

"Everyone cant believe that these strings have been on for longer than 6 months and I play it every day on my gig."

Kaneao Ukulele

"Just put a set of Acoustic X-Lights on my Takamine. They feel great with a powerful sound. Gig on Sunday!"

George James

"I was at the guitar show in Greensburg, and one of your reps came up to me to tell about your strings. I have to say, I am impressed. I’ve played a lot of different strings, and have been handed different types of strings along my career on the road, and don’t think I’ve ever played an acoustic string that sounded so good until I played yours. I love the feel on my Taylor, it’s never felt so good, nor sounded so warm. I hope that I’m not jumping the gun because I’ve only been playing on them a solid hour, but I wanted to say, I think you have a really good product. And I will probably be a reoccurring customer. I’m interested to try the electric 10s or even 11s."

Anonymous Musician

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